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Reduce the cost and time it takes to conduct psychedelic studies.

Designed for academic researchers, biotech, insurance, and regulatory governance.

Navigating R&D is expensive and slow. Participant recruitment can be difficult and traditional clinical softwares are not designed for the nuances of psychedelic studies.

Our Real World Data Explorer changes that.

Real World Data provides the evidence needed to inform efficient psychedelic studies. Aggregate, derivative population data covering mental health treatments and outcomes are presented in an analytics dashboard, allowing you to segment data in real-time.

Key benefits to using Maya in your research:

Harness the power of real world data.

Real world data provides evidence for clinical efficacy and generate signals to inform further controlled study. Real world practices can directly instruct clinical pathway design, reducing current trial-and-error approaches, and accelerating safe care delivery.

Decrease costs and time.

Real world psychedelic data provides the opportunity to observe treatment practices and outcomes at a dramatically reduced cost in time and money vs running controlled studies.

Increase access to qualified study participants.

By empowering individuals with insight and clarity in their own healing journey, we can activate a global ‘army’ of qualified citizen scientists who are willing to participate in psychedelic studies.

How it works

Advanced Protocol Builder.

Build your research protocol easily using Maya’s Protocol elements ranging from individual therapeutic interventions to content elements for education during preparation and integration stages.

Insights Dashboard.

View results and calculate cohort performance in real-time through Maya’s integrated Insights Dashboard.

Participant Experience Management.

Customize and manage all communications with participant through the Maya Companion App.

Psychedelic-Specific Common Data Model.

The Maya Insights dashboard offers an unparalleled opportunity for real time analysis and preliminary investigation. All data is structured in a consistent and universal 'common data model', allowing for retroactive meta analysis and cross-study comparison.

Reduce the cost and time it takes to conduct psychedelic studies.

Key Benefits

Supportive resources about real world evidence in research.

The following materials provide information about how real world evidence is an efficient approach to conducting biomedical research.

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