For Providers

Track personalized journeys and improve outcomes.

Designed for psychedelic practitioners, retreat facilitators, and clinicians.

To create personalized protocols, visualize journeys, and contribute findings to psychedelic research, you need a software platform designed specifically to meet your unique needs.

Introducing Maya’s Measurement-Based Care Platform.

Maya offers a streamlined way to capture a participant’s state of wellness throughout their therapeutic journey.

Key benefits to using Maya in your practice:

Personalize journeys & optimize services.

When charted across time, multi-modal data trends can directly inform strategies for personalizing and optimizing care.

Create a seamless, engaging experience for participants.

Offer a new level of clarity to participants who can visualize their journey and easily engage with forms and assessments.

Contribute to psychedelic research.

Seize the opportunity to legitimize your work and contribute your findings to psychedelic research, while participating in academic studies.

How it works

Map the care journey.

Ensure your participants are adequately prepared for transformation. Design a Protocol with as many sessions as you would like to plan in advance. Choose Forms from the Form Library to be deployed at specific time intervals. Unique Protocols can be created for each individual Contact or Group and Protocol Templates can be designed to standardize elements of your practice.

Track session details & visualize journeys.

The Notes feature empowers you to record unique session details including custom notes, treatment methods, and medicine session dosing. Form results and Health Outcomes enable you to review participants' Form score totals and visualize their process. EHR and biometric integrations (coming soon) make it possible to capture data trends to accurately track therapeutic progression.

Provide ongoing support.

Continue guiding participants to create lasting changes through personalized integration support. Provide proactive support and predict relapses by tracking participant progress, changes in mindset, behaviors, and health outcomes after sessions are complete.

Help advance psychedelic medicine.

Using Maya means gaining the opportunity to connect with academic researchers, so you can collaborate on studies and help advance psychedelic medicine.

Track personalized journeys and improve outcomes.Join the provider community

Maya is a comprehensive, yet simple solution that can easily plug in as a third party to what we’re working on. Visualizing the data from our study in real time will be unlike anything else.

Fraser Johnson

Founder and CEO, EntheoTech

Key Benefits

Supportive resources about measurement based care.ur Resources

The following materials provide information about why measurement based care is critical to improving health outcomes.

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