A new era in mental health is emerging.
Expansion for the human mind is arising.

Hurricane Lotus is the digital architecture for psychedelic services to exist in a new society.


Purpose-built software enabling psilocybin service providers to automate client intake, screening, facilitation, and outcomes measurement in a fully compliant system.

Hurricane Lotus is a web application designed for Psilocybin Service Centers and Facilitators to automate daily workflows, reduce administrative overhead, optimize client outcomes, and maintain compliance with State & Federal regulations.

Our $5 Million technology stack has been developed and continuously refined over five years of R&D by industry-leading engineers, data scientists, and user experience designers.
Our psychedelic-specific protocol models are informed by collaborations with leading mental health, spirituality and consciousness researchers at Johns Hopkins University, University College San Francisco, and Yale University.
Our team helped Denver to become the first city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in 2019, spawning an era for psilocybin services to be integrated into legislation across the US and beyond. We are deeply rooted in the global community of psychedelic practitioners, researchers, advocates, and funding groups.

At the NPA, we serve our members in the Psilocybin Services community by sourcing the very best tools and resources for them to achieve regulatory compliance, banking and insurance, and quality outcomes for their participants. Having worked with the Hurricane Lotus team for over two years, we believe that their advanced software, dedication to customer support, and deep care for the community make them the best choice for licensed psilocybin providers to achieve the highest standards of care and business practices in Oregon and Colorado.

Britt Rollins

CEO, National Psychedelics Association



Engage in your individual journey of healing and expansion with ease and trust.

Lotus Flower The Lotus Flower Application helps you at each step in your unique journey with your facilitator. You will receive notifications inviting you to complete certain documents and forms at the appropriate times, which will be available for you on any device. Your personal data is entirely confidential and held in privacy.


Enable your clients with information and measurement to support their best outcomes.

Lotus Seed The Lotus Seed Application gives licensed psilocybin faclilitators a dashboard to easily manage the necessary steps involved in healing and expansion, allowing facilitators to focus on their true value to the person they are guiding through this journey.

Service Centers

Automate your workflows, reduce business stress, and stay compliant every day.

Lotus Root The Lotus Root Application is purpose-built for service center operators to automate client intake, screening, form signatures, facilitator scheduling, room scheduling, and data reporting to achieve consistent compliance with state and federal regulations.


One Dashboard For Your Daily Operations


In collaboration with leading researchers and authorities, Hurricane Lotus provides the dashboard for Service Centers and Facilitators to achieve automated compliance, measurement, and client notifications, maintained in coherence with ever-changing legislation.

Our system allows providers to spend more time and attention with their clients, with peace of mind in knowing that each client will receive the appropriate educational documents, forms, assessment, scheduling, and reminders, at the perfect time.

All data is stored with HIPAA-level security, ensuring participants can feel safe and private at every step in their journey with your team.


Hurricane Lotus is completely free for Service Centers and Facilitators.

We accept up to five service centers per month in order to provide the highest level of service to our partners in this movement. We offer our technology at no cost because we understand the challenges faced by new operators in this emerging market, and it is our mission to foster safe and compliance psilocybin services so that more people can gain access to the healing and expansion offered by this community.

We offer concierge services for business owners seeking to deploy custom content, forms, and assessments, as well as white-label branding options to help our partners maintain a consistent identity throughout their presence with clients.


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